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Change your form’s name and configure the email that will be sent when users of your form submit their information.

Changing your form's name
Managing the email settings

Changing your form's name

The form details setting enables you to change your form’s name. It will change:

  • the name of your form in the MoJ Forms editor
  • the title that appears on your form
  • your form’s name in the final URL

If you have already published your form when you change the name, it will remain live on the old URL but you will no longer be able to update it. Contact us before you change the name if this will cause you problems.

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Managing the email settings

The submission actions setting controls what happens to a user’s data when they submit their form. Currently, the only option is to send it by email as a PDF attachment to an address of your choice. Other options, including API integration, are in development.

You can specify only a single email address at the moment. We recommend using a group address so that multiple people can access it.

When you check the ‘send by email’ box, you also need to provide an email address. You do this by selecting ‘configure’, which allows you to customise the email in several ways:

  • send email to - the email address you want the emails sent to
  • email subject - the subject line of the email
  • email text - any specific text you want in the body of the email
  • PDF attachment heading - this will appear in the PDF of your user’s answers
  • PDF attachment subheading - this will appear in the PDF of your user’s answers

You need to configure the email settings for both the Test site and Live site separately.

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