MoJ Forms terms of use

These terms apply to your use of MoJ Forms. You must accept them to use MoJ Forms.

Access to MoJ Forms

To get access, you must:

  • work for the UK Ministry of Justice (MoJ), including its agencies and public bodies
  • have completed our user research consent form

You can withdraw your consent to user research at any time by contacting us.

Your use of MoJ Forms

MoJ Forms is free to use and there are no charges for hosting or ongoing support. There is no limit to the number of forms you can have or the number of transactions per form. We monitor usage regularly and may consider introducing restrictions in future but will not do so without discussing it with you first.

You are solely responsible for the forms you create and publish using MoJ Forms.

You must:

  • only use MoJ Forms for legitimate purposes in your function as an employee of MoJ
  • protect your users' information and comply with your area's data protection guidelines and regulations
  • comply with accessibility guidelines and regulations and provide an alternative or assisted way of using your service for users who need it
  • undertake any service assessment process required in your area before publishing a form to live
  • maintain the service that your form supports and ensure the form is unpublished when no longer in use
  • ensure that ownership of your form is transferred to a colleague if you move on from your role

You must not:

  • use MoJ Forms for illegal or inappropriate activities
  • allow anyone else to access MoJ Forms using your account

If you break these rules we may:

  • unpublish or delete your forms
  • withdraw your access to MoJ Forms

Our commitments

We will:

  • publish and host your forms as long as they meet our guidelines
  • maintain a healthy and reliable platform and keep your users' data secure
  • strive to ensure that the components we provide are accessible by design and easy to use
  • provide a reliable support service to all users and respond promptly to incidents and requests during working days and hours
  • inform you of any significant changes to the service or these terms

Closing your account

You can close your MoJ Forms account at any time by contacting us. We will work with you to:

  • transfer ownership of any forms that are still required
  • unpublish any live forms no longer required
  • delete the remainder of your forms on the platform