MoJ Forms is no longer being developed

MoJ's primary form building platform is now GOV.UK Forms. Service teams should consider and rule out GOV.UK Forms before considering MoJ Forms.

Our plan is to retire the platform once suitable alternative arrangements have been made for the services we currently host. We plan to complete this transition by the end of 2025. MoJ Forms will be maintained and supported throughout this period.

If you think you may still have a use case for MoJ Forms, contact us to discuss your requirements.

Cut the cost of building digital forms

With MoJ Forms you can:

  • prototype, create, test and publish forms
  • build form pages using a variety of question formats
  • design and guide your users through complex journeys with our visual flow and branching
  • show different versions of content on a page based on a user's answers
  • link users to GOV.UK Pay for an uninterrupted payment journey
  • allow users to save a partially completed form and come back later
  • collect user data in PDF and CSV format direct to your inbox
  • link your form to a Google Analytics account to monitor performance
Two screenshots are shown alongside each other. One shows a single question page in the MoJ Forms editor. The question reads Are you applying for yourself or on behalf of someone else? and 2 radio buttons present the options of myself and someone else. The second screenshot shows the same page in the final form without any edit options or menus.

A service you can trust

MoJ Forms can save you months in design, development and testing time. All the page templates and components available to you have been:

  • built to GOV.UK Design System styles and patterns
  • tested with real users
  • audited for accessibility

In addition, your forms will be hosted on a monitored, supported platform and your users’ data will be protected to the highest government standards.

How teams are using MoJ Forms